Technology and particulate IT has become the key business enablers of today’s Digital Age.

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Number of IT assets is rapidly growing in most of modern businesses creating complex software and hardware ecosystem. Regardless of value added by owned IT assets, companies are looking for best Return on Investment and cost optimization, thus accurate and optimize assets management is key for improving business results.

According to the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, “IT Asset Management is a set of business practices that incorporates IT assets across the business units within the organization. It joins the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall life cycle of these assets including tactical and strategic decision making. IT Asset Management is an investment that provides substantial and measurable benefits for short, medium, and long-term needs and goals.”

Our goal is to bring to our customers the best Return of Investment from optimize IT assets they use. It is applicable for all aspects of IT environment, like on-premise software, cloud solutions, hardware as well as mix of them including service management aspects.

Software Asset Management as a Service

Mange your software assets without additional investments thanks to ready to use optimize technology and service based solution.

SAM as a Service is the single, fully automated technology based solution which helps you take control of the software and hardware assets in your IT environment. You’ll have access to Services levels, License Management, SAM Process Management, Contract Management, Device Management, Reporting and Alerts out of the box, thus You can focus on Your business when we will manage the your IT assets. SAM as a Service provides companies the flexibility and freedom to reallocate, scale up and scale down SAM efforts and get assistance tailored to the organizations’ own preference.

IT Assets Management provides you with assistance in both design and implementation of automated it assets inventory management, contract and license management, and other SAM processes.

The immediate benefits of Software Asset Management as Service are a plannable cost, a fast time to result, a trustworthy reporting engine and SAM capabilities covering the whole SAM Lifecycle that You can monetize.



IT Assets discovery
and inventory

Number of IT asset is constantly growing, new Business initiatives and needs make them more complicated and related. Very important is to know what is used in Organization infrastructure – on-premise or in the Cloud. With our discovery and inventory service we will always know – what do You have, who, when and where Your assets are used.

IT Assets

Main objective of every IT Organization is to meet constantly growing requirements from Business regarded to most timely and costly effective operations. New initiatives and adopting new solutions requiring from every CIO to work align to the new expectations. We can help You with track assets through their life cycle and bring information’s how to gain much more from them.

License Manager

Many Organizations lately are exposed at vendor audit policy, but for many of them creating the role of Software License Manager is not an option from many of reasons – lack of resources, lack of knowledge and many more. Our Software License Manager service can help You to protect Your Organization by continues controlling and optimization of Your entire estate.


World's mostly known leading research and advisory companies predicts that there is very big probability that Organizations which have over couple of hundreds of IT assets will be audited in next 12 months. It brings high risk of unexpected spend. Our Software Management Team can help Your Organization to avoid this risk but providing and prepare Your Organization for every vendor audit.


IT Audits and
IT Governance

Reduce audit and legal exposure from software comprehensive managed services or a hybrid model, over deployment and guard against unplanned payments to software vendors where we supplement your existing team that is already operating in certain IT estate.

IT Contracts
and Licenses management

Many companies during negotiation or renewal processes relay at not complete information’s and are exposed to non-optimized spends. To avoid spending for assets or services which are not timely and costly optimized, or are not tightly adjusted to Organization needs, we propose set of services which can help Your Organization to make better decisions based at countable facts.

IT Cost

World's mostly known leading research and advisory companies predicts that many of Companies are not buying or using their IT asset estate in optimized way. This is because they do not have appropriate tools and capabilities to track their usage in good way. With our Cost optimization service, you will always know – what, where, who and how many times uses which assets, for better utilization and costly effective management.

IT Vendors
selection and management

Cooperation with IT Vendors is crucial to timely and costs effectively manage all IT assets and projects. It can bring savings and better processes performance. Our Vendor Management Service can help Your Organization with all aspects of objective selection and effective managing of all Your vendors – software, hardware, and services by bringing high quality information’s to make better decisions.


Software Asset

IT Service


IT Assets Management – Your independent partner to optimize IT assets.

Our mission is to bring to our customers the best Return on Investment from optimize IT assets they use. It is applicable for all aspects of IT environment, like on-premise software, cloud solutions, hardware as well as mix of them including service management aspects.

Our values define how we operate and do a business with our Customers, colleagues, and partners.
Our core values are Professionalism, Objectivity, Perseverance, Satisfaction.


We are the team of IT experts with knowledge and experience in the IT asset management, specializing in IT Strategy, Software and Hardware asset management, IT contract management.


Our mission is to be independent advisor and strategic IT partner for our Customers.
We intend to build long term relationship with our Customers based on trust and characterized by lack of bias.


No excuses delivery. We are dedicated to deliver the best work and the best results possible. It applies to each project as well as every little activity we are engaged.


Our goal is to deliver results which are meeting highest quality and performance expectations of our Customers being proud of their successes and achievements.

How we are operating

We are delivering services to our Customers in three models:

  • Cloud based projects delivered in the Software as a Service model,
  • Classical project with on-premise deployment and delivery,
  • Consulting services base on Times & Materials basis.

Whichever model is preferred by Customer we always follow our values delivering tangible benefits and results as project outcome.

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